Paul Walker Vroom Vrooms Over to Vehicle 19

Paul Walker will no doubt eventually find himself behind the wheels of another muscle car and involved in what will likely be another heist via another “Fast and Furious” movie soon enough, but until then, he’s going the rental car route first. Of course, that doesn’t mean he still won’t be in a buttload of trouble.

Walker has signed on to star and produce “Vehicle 19”, which will be directed by South African filmmaker Mukunda Michael Dewil (left) from his own script. Dewill recently wrote and directed the thriller “Retribution”, which is currently playing the festival circuits.

The plot of “Vehicle 19” finds Walker playing a “traveler in a foreign country who picks up the wrong rental car and becomes tangled in a web of corruption by the local police.” According to this article about Dewill’s script for “Vehicle 19” landing on Hollywood’s radar, the film will also involve the “world of international espionage”. Which I can only take to mean deadly man in black sits chasing our hero and such.

“Vehicle 19” is expected to shoot this Summer on location in South Africa.

Meanwhile, you can catch Walker in the latest “Fast and Furious” entry, “Fast Five” this Friday.