Paul W.S. Anderson Says Resident Evil 4 is a Maybe

I have to admit, as average as they’ve been, I have a soft spot for the “Resident Evil” films. Maybe it was because I grew up playing endless hours of Resident Evil 2 on the Playstation, but I’ve always appreciated the franchise for its big-budget zombies and Umbrella Corporation shenanigans. Then again, I’m sure I’m in the minority, as although the series has done well at the box office, it hasn’t exactly been hailed as “the best” of anything. So what about a “Resident Evil 4” movie? We’ve heard rumors (more recently that Ali Larter would be assuming the lead role from series star Milla Jovovich), but the latest has original franchise director (and current producer) Paul W.S. Anderson confirming that they’re “talking” about a fourth installment.

Here’s what Anderson told MTV:

“I’m just starting to talk to Sony about it,” Anderson confessed. “I don’t even know if anything will come of it, but there’s a possibility it might happen.

“I love the ‘Resident Evil’ franchise and we always try to make the best possible movie we can. If we could find a good ‘Resident Evil 4’ to make, then we would do it,” he said. “But I wouldn’t just do it for the sake of it, that’s for sure.”

I really don’t know why they WOULDN’T do a fourth one. The previous three have all made money, and a fourth one would seem like a no-brainer, especially when they have plenty of directions to take a sequel into.

The last time we were in the RE world, the place had been completely overrun by the undead, with only small pockets of survivors scattered about. And after another deadly encounter with the jackals of the Umbrella Corporation, Alice (Jovovich) had found herself cloned, and was intent on seeking out and destroying the rest of Umbrella’ tentacles.

Or they could just dump all of the above and make it about Claire Redfield, Ali Larter’s character from the last film. Frankly, I think that would be the best route. Watching Jovovich do slow-motion kicks kind of wore out their novelty after the third one.

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