Peculiar New Pics from Danny Pang’s Fairy Tale Killer

Tracking killers who commit fairy tale-themed murders is clearly hard work, as evidenced by the handful of new images from Danny Pang’s 2012 thriller “Fairy Tale Killer”. Wang Baoqiang stars as a serial killer who goes toe-to-toe with a seasoned cop (Sean Lau) who specializes in handling unusual cases. Pang’s eye for eerie visuals certainly seems to be in full effect, and I can’t wait to see more. In addition to the latest batch of images — which are pretty darn cool, by the way — the previously-released trailer can be found embedded below. All of them are worth a bit of your free time if you have a bit to spare. If you’re reading this, you probably do.

Look for “Fairy Tale Killer” to stylishly slash its way into Chinese theaters this May.

Via : Chinese Films