Pet Sematary Remake is Still Alive

We’ve known for a while now that Paramount is looking to remake the 1980s horror movie “Pet Semetary”, based on the novel by Stephen King. The last we heard, “1408” writer Matthew Greenberg had landed the gig of writing a new script, but that was last year. Yesterday, the LATimes is confirming that the remake is still very much happening, with the studio now actively “seeking a high-level director” to take on the project.

The original centered around a family and a cursed Indian burial ground where things that are buried there tend to come back to life. When the family’s young son is killed, the grieving father decides to test that theory out with predictably horrific results.

It’s a no-brainer that Paramount is once again putting feelers out on the remake, with King suddenly an “in” name once more in Hollywood. Ron Howard is moving full-steam on the big-screen adaptation of King’s “The Dark Tower” books and King’s “The Stand” is heading to the big screen. There are also a half dozen or so King-related properties working their way around the TV networks. Meaning, of course, that if you’ve got a King property in the closet somewhere, it’s time to dust them off.