Peter Berg Puts Lone Survivor on Hold to Sink My Battleship

For a while there, Peter Berg had his eye on adapting the book “Lone Survivor”, based on the true story of former Navy SEALs Marcus Luttrell. But it now appears as if “Lone Survivor” will have to wait for a bit, at least until Berg finishes up “Battleship”, based on the boardgame of the same name for Universal. Recently, Universal flew some bloggers over to talk to Berg about the upcoming sci-fi actioner “Battleship”. (Yes, I said sci-fi actioner, because the movie is apparently going to be an alien invasion film — read more here.) During the trip, the topic of “Lone Survivor” came up, and Berg sounded very enthusiastic about making it his next movie post-“Battleship”.

“‘Lone Survivor’ is what I want to do next. If you haven’t read that book it’s an incredible story and a really dynamic one, in the vein of like a ‘Black Hawk Down’. It’s a true story about seventeen SEALS that were killed in one gunfight in Afghanistan. It’s a great story. One survived.”

Then one of the guys on the plane, who apparently doesn’t think too highly of “Lone Survivor”, asked this question:

“Does knowing that you’re doing that give you the freedom to do something as fantastical as ‘Battleship’? Like you’re having dessert first and will finish with broccoli?”

Berg was probably taken aback a bit by that question, but his response is great nevertheless:

“Well, I wouldn’t call it broccoli but your point is well taken. The reality is that I’m thrilled to do ‘Battleship’ but the industry that we all work and live in is fed off of these films and I’m excited to make a film like ‘Battleship’ because a film like this, if you make it right and it works and it hits globally we’re all free. Movies like ‘Lone Survivor’ get funded and financed off of movies like ‘Transformers’, ‘Star Trek’, ‘Iron Man’, ‘Spider-Man’, ‘Battleship’ hopefully. Knock wood.”

What he’s trying to say is, “Lone Survivor” is a “War on Terror”-themed movie, and those haven’t exactly done gangbuster business, so Hollywood is loathe to do it. As a result, Berg will give them a big-time sci-fi Summer event film, and in return they’ll foot the bill for “Lone Survivor”. It’s what everyone does in Hollywood — you make one for them, and you make one for you.

Hell, the guy even bit the bullet and met with some smelly bloggers just to please Universal, after all. He must really want to do “Lone Survivor”.

You can read more of the interview over at Latino Review.