Peter Berg Says Everyone’s Coming Back for Hancock Sequel

Will Smith in Hancock (2008) Movie Image

Of course, we already knew that. $624 million worldwide gross can’t be wrong. For a movie that most people didn’t like, it’s amazing how well “Hancock” did. Now according to director Peter Berg, who was over at the Toronto Film Festival, the film’s original cast — Will Smith, Charlize Theron, and Jason Bateman — will be returning for the sequel. Or as Berg puts it (via Variety):

Everybody’s going to come back for a sequel.

See? Told ya.

At the moment, Berg is working with writers Adam Fierro and Glen Mazzara on a script for the sequel, which we’ve been told will introduce a third immortal God as a foil for Hancock, who at the end of the first movie had embraced his role as a superhero in New York City. Bateman will return as the goody two-shoes PR exec married to Charlize Theron’s character, herself an immortal God.

Jason Bateman and Will Smith in Hancock (2008) Movie Image

So, er, you can fly, right? Cause my car's in the shop.