Peter Berg Talks Hancock Sequel

Will Smith in Hancock (2008) Movie Image

You know, I never thought “Hancock” was as bad as many people made it out to be. Sure, there were issues (it didn’t have a proper villain, for one), and the film sometimes felt too rushed, like it was in a hurry to get some place that, when you finally got there, you wondered what all the rush was about. Despite lukewarm responses by critics, the film was a hit with moviegoers, and did the usual blockbuster business that a Will Smith film usually did when he’s allowed to punch someone. The movie raked in over $624 million in worldwide grosses from a $150 million dollar budget, which in case you’re keeping track, makes it a bona fide blockbuster hit.

With those numbers in mind, you could forgive the studio for wanting a sequel bad, but it seems both Berg and Smith are too busy to return to the world of Hancock. But should they ever do, what would it be about? Director Peter Berg has some ideas. He tells SciFiWire:

“There might be another god out there. Might be another one. [The studio] like to fast-track it, but Will’s busy, I’m pretty busy. We’re excited to do one, but we want the script to be right and the movie to be right. We don’t feel a burning imperative to go right back into it.””

Berg also adds that the sequel would not just follow Will Smith and Charlize Theron’s immortal characters as they come up against a third immortal, but it would also keep track of Jason Bateman’s publicist character, who will be starting up his charity campaign.

So a “Hancock” sequel? Yeah, why not. Like I said, I never thought the first one was all that bad; it was just, well, it could have been better, that’s all. Maybe the sequel will get it right.

Will Smith in Hancock (2008) Movie Image

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