Peter Berg to Direct Tom Cruise in Edwin A. Salt?

When your name comes up as a possible replacement for Michael Mann, you know you’re doing something right. Such is the the life of Riley for actor turned director Peter Berg, who according to Entertainment Weekly is currently being pursued to direct the Tom Cruise spy movie “Edwin A. Salt”, in which Cruise would play the titular character.


With a solid script from Kurt Wimmer (The Recruit), Columbia hopes to get Edwin A. Salt into production by March to avoid any interuptions due to the potential actors’ strike. The two parties have yet to start negotiations–and Cruise likely would have director approval — but the studio recently had a great experience with Berg on the Will Smith-starrer Hancock.

So what’s “Edwin A. Salt” about?

CIA officer Edwin A. Salt is fingered as a Russian sleeper spy and he eludes capture by superiors who are convinced he is out to assassinate the president. While trying to reunite with his family, he struggles to prove someone else is the traitor.

I don’t know if “Edwin A. Salt” will be the hit that Cruise needs to get back on top. I don’t think anyone thinks Cruise’s upcoming “Valkyrie” will be a hit, so what’s left? More disasters like “Lions for Lambs”? Oh Cruise is batting 0 for 2007 so far…

Peter Berg to Direct Tom Cruise in Edwin A. Salt?