Peter Berg Wants to Play in the Dune Sandlot?

Okay, so listing this rumored movie news item under “Dune (2009)” is being a bit optimistic, but what the hey, I’m just that kind of guy. News from Aint-it-Cool-News is that Paramount is looking to acquire the rights to Frank Herbert’s Dune books for director Peter Berg (“The Kingdom”) to bring back to the big screen. The novels have already been made into a movie by David Lynch back in the ’80s, and more recently, the Sci Fi Channel shelled out mega bucks to make a couple of mini-series based on the Dune books. I actually enjoyed Lynch’s version, mostly because it’s just so weird and “out there”, and I happen to like that in my science fiction stories.

AICN quotes a message originally written by Herbert’s grandson Byron Merritt via a message board:

“We’re getting VERY close to a deal. Heard that news today,” he posted on Friday, following that up with, “Although only rumor, I’ve heard that “someone” at the studio wants Dune reallllly bad and has been a fan of the novel for “years.” They’re not saying who this is (and it might just be hype) but I’m holding out hope that whoever this might be is a big enough fan that he/she will do the book justice. Supposedly it’s some director.”

Then they followed up with this news from one of their sources:

In short, Checkyr says the studio in question is Paramount…which is aggressively building a formidable arsenal of franchises via TRANSFORMERS, JJ Abrams’ STAR TREK re-deployment, and spin-off potential built into INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL.

And the director in question? Writer/Director Peter Berg. He directed FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, THE RUNDOWN (hooray for monkey love!), and…more recently…THE KINGDOM.

So there you go. I wouldn’t mind seeing a mega budgeted science fiction movie under Berg’s direction. But to do the books justice, the film would have to run a couple of movie, or trilogies. Unless, of course, they want to do what Lynch did, which was condense a book the size of the phone book into a three hour movie.

Peter Berg Wants to Play in the Dune Sandlot