Peter Berg’s Lone Survivor Recruits Wahlberg, Foster, and Kitsch

Lone Survivor Book CoverWith “Battleship”, Peter Berg’s sci-fi Summer event film for Universal close to disembarking for its defense against an alien invasion, Berg is already moving ahead with his follow-up film, the Navy SEALs movie “Lone Survivor”, based on the non-fiction book by Marcus Luttrell. It’s a movie that Berg has been talking about making for years now, and his directing “Battleship” was specifically so Universal would back him on “Lone Survivor”.

Now comes word that a trio of actors, Mark Wahlberg, Berg’s “Battleship” star Taylor Kitsch, and Ben Foster are all in talks to play the story’s main four Navy SEALs. Wahlberg would play Luttrell, the lone survivor of the title, while Kitsch and Foster would fill up two of the remaining three roles. I have to admit, all three guys are a tad short to be playing Navy SEALs, but I guess that’s why they call it movie magic. (Kitsch is the tallest at 6 feet.) Wahlberg, specifically, barely cracks 5’8″, and he’ll be playing a 6’5″ guy? I’d love to see these two standing side-by-side at the movie’s premiere…

So why did it take so long for Berg to get “Lone Survivor” rolling? Well, a few years ago making a movie about the War on Terror was a guaranteed money loser at the box office, so studios shied away from them. But now with the death of Osama Bin Laden (killed by the famous Navy SEAL Team Six), and the proven box office muscle of Navy SEALs films like “Act of Valor” over the weekend, it’s getting a lot easier to make a movie that is, according to Berg, “unapologetically patriotic”, which is his plan for “Lone Survivor”.

The plot of “Lone Survivor” has Luttrell and his four-man SEALs team behind enemy lines in Afghanistan on a mission to kill or capture a Taliban leader. Instead, they are discovered and forced to battle hundreds of Al-Qaeda forces that had them cornered in the mountains. But that’s really just half of the story. The other half involves Luttrell hiding from Al-Qaeda forces in an Afghan village that decided to defend him come hell or high water. And oh yeah, he also had to evade capture in the mountains after nearly getting blown to bits and losing, er, most of his clothes.

With casting underway, Berg is looking at a Fall start date for the film.

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Via : Deadline