Peter Chan’s Wu Xia is Now Dragon, Goes to the Weinstein Company

Peter Chan’s martial arts period movie “Wu Xia” will be making its debut over at Frogland sometime this weekend, but that hasn’t stopped the Weinstein Company from already picking up the film for distribution in the English speaking world, and rather surprisingly, has also made sure to get the film’s remake rights as well, though you gotta wonder, how exactly would they remake something like “Wu Xia”, since redubbed “Dragon”?

In the late Qing Dynasty, Liu (Donnie Yen) is a papermaker, leading a simple life with his wife Ayu (Tang Wei) and their two sons. Into their remote village comes Detective Xu (Takeshi Kaneshiro), who is investigating the deaths of two bandits during a robbery. Xu quickly realizes that the incident in question was no ordinary botched robbery – and his dogged inquiry threatens to dredge up the dark secrets of Liu’s buried past, threatening not only Liu and his family, but the entire village.

Okay, I guess they could turn that into a Western or something. Or possibly a crime film set in contemporary days. Or hell, why not just leave it alone? Naaaaaaaaaah.

Everyone involved in the acquisition seems pretty happy about it, though.

Said Chan, “During the production, Donnie was telling me that Wu Xia becomes more and more like a Weinstein movie. It’s no coincidence that Harvey likes the film. I am thrilled to work with Harvey and I think TWC is the best company to take this film to the US and international audience.”

Said Weinstein, “Peter Chan is a true artist and with WU XIA he has created a dream project, combining two of my favorite genres: film noir and martial arts. Peter has been a friend for more than 10 years I could not be happier to be working with him on this film.”

“Dragon” stars Donnie Yen, Takeshi Kaneshiro and Tang Wei, and in case you missed it, Todd posted the first teaser trailer for the movie here.