Peter Parker Gets Parents, a Second Bad Guy in Spidey Reboot

As everyone and their momma probably knows, even if they’ve never picked up a comic book in their life, Peter Parker aka Spider-Man was raised by his Aunt May and Uncle Ben (set to be played by Sally Field and Martin Sheen, respectively), but he had to come from somewhere, right? Well, yeah, that’s how it works, kids. The latest addition to Marc Webb’s Spidey reboot has added Parker’s parents, set to be played by Campbell Scott and “Law and Order’s” Julianne Nicholson (below).

In the film, Parker’s parents will “leave their son an orphan”, which probably means they are killed? Or died in an accident? Certainly sounds like they won’t be coming back around for parent night. I have no idea what happened to Parker’s parents in the comics, or if they were ever mentioned/shown. If they were never even shown, then it might give Webb and company creative license to explore Parker’s history a little bit more in their movie.

THR also drops a plot nugget in the form of impending casting: “Slumdog Millionaire’s” Irrfan Khan (top, left) is in talks to join the film as a character named Van Atter, who is being described as “a villain”. Apparently besides just having to fight off Rhys Ifan’s The Lizard, Spider-Man will also have to battle Van Atter in some capacity.

MTV did some research and has more on the character Van Atter (right):

In the Marvel Comics Universe, Van Adder began as a research assistant to Mendel Stromm (a scientist who later becomes the mechanized villain Robot Master) and later volunteers to be a test subject for a new chemical developed by Stromm and Norman Osborn. The chemical would later provide the basis for the serum that transforms Osborn into the Green Goblin, though in this early form it caused Van Adder to transform into a monstrous, violent creature.

Marc Webb’s reboot will star Andrew Garfield (“The Social Network”) as Spider-Man and Emma Stone as his love interest, Gwen Stacy. Denis Leary was previously cast as Stacy’s father, a police Captain who crosses paths with the hero, as well as Van Atter.