Peter Sarsgaard is Green Lantern’s Human Bad Guy

And of course by saying that Peter Sarsgaard is currently in negotiations to play the main human bad guy in Martin Campbell’s sci-fi comic book epic “Green lantern”, I’m going under the assumption that Sinestro will be the movie’s main bad guy, and as we all know, Sinestro is alien. I mean, he has red skin and everything. That pretty much gives it away he comes from “out there”. Even if Sinestro isn’t introduced as a villain, you gotta figure this can’t possibly be a real “Green Lantern” movie without introducing Sinestro along with Hal Jordan as a GL.

In any case, Sarsgaard will join Ryan Reynolds, who will be suiting up as Hal Jordan, a test pilot who finds himself bestowed an alien ring that grants him amazing powers, such as the ability to make giant green hammers to hit people with. It hurts more that way because it’s a ridiculously huge hammer, you see. The “Orphan” actor will play Dr. Hector Hammond, the pathologist son of a senator who becomes infused with psychic powers when he discovers a meteor. One presumes he also becomes evil and starts using that psychic powers to bully people, or pull girl’s pants down, or something evil like that.

“Gossip Girl” star Blake Lively was previously cast as Carol Ferris, Green Lantern’s love interest.

Shooting on “Green Lantern” commences in March in New Orleans with Donald De Line and Greg Berlanti producing.

Whoa, why's my picture here? Isn't this article about that Saarsgard guy? Pervs.