Peter Weller Beams Onto J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek Sequel


Peter Weller is a certified cinematic badass, and his participation in any project automatically increases its coolness quotient by several remarkable degrees. And while little is known about who Weller will portray in upcoming feature, it’s still all sorts of awesome that he’s officially signed on to co-star in J.J. Abrams’ upcoming sequel to his hit sci-fi reboot. Rumors started swirling this weekend that Benicio Del Toro is being courted for the role of Khan, but nothing has been confirmed as of this writing. Production is expected to begin early next year.

“Star Trek 2″ is tentatively scheduled for release on May 17th, 2013.

Via : Variety

Author: Todd Rigney

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  • Roger Mortis

    Crossing my fingers that he’s playing Buckaroo Banzai. That would be the greatest crossover movie ever.

  • Dedpool

    YES! Bring Weller on board. Also Benecio is a great actor, and of course everyone is speculating he’s playing Khan, while the studio will deny and deny!

    • Juggernaut

      I could see Del Toro as a Klingon and Weller as a Borg!!!

      • Dedpool

        No Borg! That’s TNG stuff.

        Sent on the go!

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        • Juggernaut

          Aren’t you the one always talking about being more open to interpertation? Lol. It could work! The Borg are Bad Ass!!!

          • Dedpool

            Oh trust me I like the idea of Kirk and crew going up against the Borg, even had the idea of them being the first to encounter them, and the Borg’s assimilation would include an evolution as well. With every defeat the Borg don’t just adapt and assimilate, they evolve. But I think characters like Klingons, Romulans, etc should be debuted first. Or you could have the Federation trying to stop a war with the Klingons that the Borg have actually started.
            Sent on the go!

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          • Nix

            I think the Borg has been explored to death on TNG. Time for a new villain. I don’t personally even like the idea of reprising Kahn. Surely there are enough villains out there in the universe without redoing an old villain, J.J. Abrams?

        • Jetway66

          unless V’GER was built by the BORG!!!

          • Kevin Lucia

            According to one of the Shatner Trek novels, V’GER WAS built by the Borg. In that storyline, Voyager made its way to the Borg homeworld, and V’GER was an early incarnation of the Borg.

  • Lexavi80

    I habe NO idea of what you guys are talking about, but Peter Weller and Benicio del Toro in Star Trek!!???


  • Juggernaut

    @ Nix- I see what your saying. It looks like J.J. might be taking a page out of Nolan’s book. Do a Villain that hasn’t been done in the first film and follow it up with their greatest foe in the sequel. Just wait, two years from now… “THE ENTERPRISE RISES”!!!!!! Lol.

  • Tiyoymokring

    ROBOCOP in Space, the Final Directive ha ha ha ha

  • Jetway66

    Khan ocurred after Kirk was made an ADMIRAL!?!?! WTF are u people talking about!!!

    • Dedpool

      The Khan we remember yes, but he first appeared on the show.

  • Guest

    Don’t forget that Enterprise first encountered it with Captain Archer but only because TNG had gone into the past. So things can get quite complicated.

  • Smith Jake4370

    Look this movie as well as the last, has started an alternate time line. Think about it Khan was in the TOS then in the second movie. Since this is a movie and they didn’t start a series after the last movie Khan doesn’t fit unless it is a major rewrite and design. Also remember their is a game in production that bridges the gap form the first movie to the second movie. I like to see the movie start out a few years after the last maybe with the Enterprise getting her refit ( see the motion picture ). Lets see new fiction based on the old but leave Khan out unless you can give us a third movie for sure.