Peter Weller is Set to Join the Cast of Dexter!

Although I’m still one season behind on “Dexter”, that hasn’t stopped me from closely following the recent casting news with quiet intensity. Besides the recent addition of Julia Stiles, Twitch is reporting today that “Robocop” alumni and all-around snazzy individual Peter Weller has been persuaded to join the show for at least eight episodes next season. You heard me: Peter Weller. If you were on the fence about jumping on the “Dexter” bandwagon, this sliver of new should be enough to push you towards the proverbial light. Details are still sketchy, but I’m jazzed nonetheless.

The fourth season of “Dexter” is scheduled to hit DVD on August 17th. The fifth season, meanwhile, is set to premiere on September 10th. You know you secretly want to watch.