Phillip Noyce Isn’t Interested in Directing Salt 2

I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised by how good Angelina Jolie’s spy thriller “Salt” was. I kept waiting for the movie to disappoint me, but it never did, right up to the very end. I’m not saying it was the greatest spy thriller ever made, of course, but it was a lot better than I had expected it to be. And of course, the filmmakers probably knew they had something going, because the ending of “Salt” left a big ol gaping room for a sequel, and word has screenwriter Kurt Wimmer already hard at work hacking away at that part two. Which raises the question: will “Salt” director Phillip Noyce return for a sequel?

Noyce tells Movieweb:

Oh no, I don’t think I would do a sequel. We had to edit and make new music and effects for the two director’s cuts, so I think that I’ve given all I can to the movie with those three versions. I would like to see a sequel, but it would have to be another director with a new perspective.

He is referring to the fact that he actually edited three versions of the movie for the upcoming DVD/Blu-ray release at the request of the studio.

In any case, I’m not sure if it matters that Noyce isn’t coming back. As with the first movie, the big draw was and will continue to be Angelina Jolie. No offense to Noyce, of course, because while his direction was good, it isn’t exactly the kind of work that couldn’t be replicated by another seasoned director.

Angelina Jolie doesn't like it when directors skip out on her.