Pics, Posters, and a Trailer for Chinese Disaster Flick Aftershocks

Having consumed more than my fair share of disaster flicks over the past few years, it’s kind of hard to get excited about a movie centered around an earthquake. However, judging from the promotional pictures and posters for director Feng Xiaogang’s upcoming drama “Aftershocks” — which is based on the 1976 earthquake that claimed the lives of over 240,000 people — I might be willing to give this particular outing the benefit of the doubt. The handful of high-quality stills embedded below are harrowing and heartbreaking, due in part to the surprising authenticity of the imagery. Given that this story is based on real-life events, it makes the pics that much harder to look at.

Here’s a handy synopsis from Film Smash:

When a mother is informed by the rescue team that, as her 7-year old twins are buried under the debris close to each other, digging one out would result in further collapse of the wreckage on the other, she is forced to make the most difficult decision of her life. As the clock ticked away, she finally ended her struggle and chose to save the boy, and though heartbroken, she had no idea her decision was overheard by the daughter. Deemed as a dead person, the little girl miraculously survived and was rescued after being buried under for days. Suffering from the emotional shock of the disaster and the painful memory of her mother’s choice, she refused to reveal whom she was. She was adopted by a young couple and later moved to the US, but shadowed by the traumatic experience from her childhood, she forever remained emotionally closed up.

No word as to when, precisely, “Aftershocks” will make its way into the rest of the world. In the meantime, check out all the snazzy content below.