Nicholas Cage: Gangster, Pimp, or Sorcerer?

sorcerers-apprenticeI’ll get to Nicholas Cage in a moment, but my first thought was about Alfred Molina. I admit that there are far too many of Molina’s movies for me to have seen, but every time I watch one of his films, it always seems as if he plays some kind of bad guy or adversary (Chocolat, Spider-Man 2, Raiders of the Lost Ark). He can also play a very nice, pacified guy – but is that the act? Would I want to meet him in a dark alley? I don’t know, but in The Sorcerer’s Apprentice he plays a very sinister fellow, and only Nicholas Cage, as the character of Balthazar Blake, can stop him. Jay Baruchel plays Blake’s apprentice, Dave Stutler, an average guy who is recruited based on his hidden potential as a sorcerer.

The film is based on the poem by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, later converted into part of an animated short in Fantasia. Set pictures from the film surfaced back in March, and now Fanboyz provides scans of the movie, one of which you can see below. There is no sign of Alfred Molina yet, but I really look forward to his performance. Otherwise, Nicholas Cage looks kind of goofy, but then again, a sorcerer in modern day New York is kind an anachronism anyway, so the character is bound to stand out no matter who plays him. He looks a little like Hugh Jackman in Van Helsing, although it appears that he hasn’t washed his hair in weeks, and he’s trying to outdo the Little Tramp for the most inappropriate attire.

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice will be released on July 16th, 2010.