Pierre Morel in Hot Pursuit, Talks Taken Sequel

Pierre MorelWith the surprise success of “Taken” (really, did anyone see that coming?), director Pierre Morel is a wanted man. You could say Hollywood is in hot pursuit of him. Get it? Because he’s now been attached to direct a movie called “Pursuit”? Eh, I’m wasting these gems on you guys. Anyhoo, Morel is one hot property in Hollywood at the moment, and soon he’ll be directing a fictional account of the real life of conflict photographer Jason Howe, who fell in love with a woman while on assignment in Colombia, only to discover she was an assassin. Oh buckle up, Jason, which one of us haven’t been there?

According to Variety, while Howe is very much a real person, the movie “Pursuit” will take “inspiration” from his life. Basically, it means the filmmakers can make stuff up as they go, get it really Hollywood-y, and still claim their movie is “inspired by a true story”. That’s apparently very important, for some reason.

Morel’s next movie is the John Travolta actioner “From Paris With Love”, which he directed for his producer mentor Luc Besson. It’s yet another movie that is flying under the radar, sort of like “Taken” from last year. Speaking of which, Morel tells Variety that he and Besson are very much doing a sequel to “Taken”, but that they are taking their time with the story. Yes, Luc Besson is actually taking his time with an action movie’s script. Next thing you know, he’ll insist that his action movies make perfect narrative sense. I’ll believe it when I see it.

Meanwhile, “Pursuit” is currently out to writers. Captivate Entertainment’s Jeffrey Weiner and Ben Smith, the guy behind the recent Ludlum movies, will produce for Universal Pictures.

Below: “In this scene from ‘Taken’, I tell Liam, ‘Liam, now you must shoot, and make it look Hollywood-y!’ Because that’s how Pierre directs his movies.”

Liam Neeson in Taken (2008) Movie Image