Pierre Morel May Direct Ouija Board Movie, Too

Pierre Morel is one busy fellow. You can now add frontrunner status to land the directing gig of the Ouija board movie to his list. The movie will be based on the Hasbro board game where dolts sit around a Ouija board and pretend like there are spirits that have been waiting patiently to move their hands around cause, shit, what else do undead spirits have to do other than stand around waiting for some dumbasses to break out a Ouija board? Exactly.

Obviously you’re thinking, “pretty teens haunted by demonic spirits”, right? Well you’d be wrong. The idea, says the LATimes, is to not go the horror route at all (say what?), and instead focus on a more action-adventure take in the vein of the “National Treasure” movies. Why “National Treasure”? Well, probably because those movie made buttloads of money, so why not associate your flick with it?

Post-“Taken”, his surprise sleeper hit, Morel is a very busy guy. The biggest project on his slate is yet another live-action movie based on the Frank Herbert “Dune” universe. There’s also a movie called “Hot Pursuit” and another called “Signals” that he was supposedly attached to.