Piper Perabo to Headline USA Network’s Covert Affairs

Oh look, the USA Network has finally found its leading lady for its new spy show Covert Affairs, and it’s none other than movie star Piper Perabo. I’ve been covering the show since it was announced, because I think it could be a winner. Kind of like Jennifer Garner in Alias, except less serious. Shows on the USA Network are usually not known for their grim and gritty seriousness, and if Covert Affairs doesn’t go all Battlestar Galactica on us, it should be a perfect addition to the network’s line-up of shows.

Covert Affairs will find Piper Perabo playing a CIA trainee name Annie Walker, who is suddenly promoted because her bosses would like to use her relationship with an ex-boyfriend to their advantage. Walker will apparently speak six different languages and excel at pretty much everything she tries her hand at. Except relationships with the opposite sex, apparently.

Perabo has been in a lot of movies, though I don’t believe she ever achieved that “household name” recognition. I’ve seen some of her films, and I don’t believe she ever played a role that required her to speak six different languages or act CIA tough. She was most recently in “The Lazarus Project” with Paul Walker, and can be seen next co-starring with Chris Pine in “Carriers”.

With the female lead cast, THR says the show’s producers are now looking for their male lead, who will play a character name Auggie Anderson, a blind CIA tech expert who assists Walker with her assignments. I’m not sure how producers Dave Bartis and Doug Liman will develop that relationship, but I’m sure it’ll be quirky and fun to watch.