Piranha 3D Sequel Gets Bigger, Here Comes The Sequel, Piranha 3 DD

In the best news I’ve heard all day, Deadline reports that Dimension Films has hired a director and team of writers to make a sequel to the best movie of 2010, “Piranha 3D”, entitled “Piranha 3 DD”, which is both a fitting and wonderful name. John Gulager will take over Alexandre Aja’s director’s chair, and Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunston will tackle the script.

For the sequel, Dimension’s Bob Weinstein has reassembled the team behind “Feast”, the Dimension horror film that served as a season of the TV show “Project Greenlight”. The director and writers got their starts on that low-budget horror film. Gulager went on to direct two “Feast” sequels while the scribes moved on to write four installments of the “Saw” franchise. They recently set an updated version of the classic anthology series “The Outer Limits” at MGM.

The goal is to have the sequel in theaters and chomping away on topless coeds by August of 2011, in an attempt to cash in on the fact that “Piranha 3D” outperformed any and all expectations (it cost $24 million to make and $20 million to market, while raking in $71 million so far).

James Cameron must be shaking his head in disgust, but I’m giddy and doing a little dance. And while I’m sure it won’t be nearly as much fun as the first film, I’m a man of simple tastes, camp, gore, and nudity is enough to get my ass into the theater.

David Hasselhoff in Piranha 3DD (2012) Movie Image