Piranha 3DD To Hit Theaters And VOD The Same Day

Danielle Panabaker in Piranha 3DD (2012) Movie Image

“Piranha 3D”, Alexandre Aja’s homage to schlocky drive-in horror, took the top slot on my list of favorite movies of 2010. It was also a surprise hit, spawning an inevitable sequel. The future of said sequel, bearing the quite hilarious title “Piranha 3DD”, and directed by “Feast” helmer John Gulager, has been in some peril. Originally slated to hit theaters this past November, “Piranha 3DD” was pushed into 2012, though no specific date was set.

In the best news I’ve heard all day, “Piranha 3DD” is now going to be released in theaters and Video On Demand at the same time. There is still no concrete date for the release, but simply knowing that the movie will hit actual movie theaters warms my heart a few degrees.

Aja’s movie, itself a remake, came out of nowhere and garnered more critical and popular acclaim than anyone anticipated. A quick turnaround sequel to an unexpected success is always a tricky proposition, and many people expect “Piranha 3DD” to suck. Maybe it will; I’ve been skeptical myself, but the trailer that hit last week (below) looks incredible. The basic premise is that the prehistoric piranha from the first movie find their way into a water park (there is a water park in the 1978 original, which was the only thing missing from the remake). This particular water park happens to be staffed by stripper lifeguards and ruled over by none other than David Hassellhoff. Sure that premise is inherently absurd, but I’ll be damned if that doesn’t also sound like a damn good time.

Whether the film lives up to the promise of the trailer remains to be seen, but I haven’t been this hopeful since the release was delayed. Hopefully there will be some news on the actual release date, and I for one will be there with a giant, shit-eating grin plastered all across my face.

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Via : Bloody Disgusting