Pissed Off Mexican Machete Gets Political and Junk in New Trailer

Yeah, I gotta admit, this looks pretty bad. Of course, that’s probably the point. Robert Rodriguez has sent over the first real trailer (although it looks to have scenes from the fake trailer Rodriguez made for his “Grindhouse” movie as well) for his Mexploitation movie “Machete” to his buddies over at AICN. The trailer features an introduction by the badass Mexican himself, and it’s apparently also got some poorly inserted political message for Arizona because, um, it’s timely and shit.

The film stars Danny Trejo as a Mexican who gets set up by The Man and decides to take revenge with the help of a big ass machete. There are co-stars galore, including Jessica Alba (“We didn’t cross the border, the border crossed us!”), Michelle Rodriguez standing for Latina rights everywhere, Robert DeNiro and Jeff Fahey as Evil Gringos, Cheech Marin as a shotgun-packing priest, and Steven Seagal as a guy with a sword who goes around groping women. Or, er, sorry, that’s Steven Seagal off-camera, not on. Allegedly.

Slicing off gringo hands everywhere September 3, 2010.