Planet B-Boy: 8 Mile Meets The Warriors, But with Breakdancing

I can’t dance a lick, but that didn’t prevent me from watching Benson Lee’s breakdancing documentary “Planet B-Boy” that was released a few years ago. The doc followed a select group of breakdancers from various countries as they converge on a German town to participate in the annually held Battle of the Year competition. Although there was an American crew (as they’re called), the bulk of the doc actually covered breakdancers in Asian countries, two in particular, South Korea and Japan. I won’t tell you who eventually won the competition, but I will tell you that Screen Gems and Benson Lee are planning on turning the doc into a fictional feature-length movie.

Says THR:

The new “B-Boy” will tell the story of a legendary b-boy crew that must return to its roots to reclaim the world championship by competing against the top international breakdancing teams. The take is described as “8 Mile” meets “The Warriors.”

Heh. “8 Miles” meets “The Warriors”. That’ll be interesting to see. Hopefully it won’t be as silly as the “Step Up” films. I always thought that the doc’s South Korean crew was primed for a bio-pic. While everyone was breakdancing for fun, these guys had their entire future riding on it. Now that’s investment.

Below: Trailer for the original “Planet B-Boy” doc.