Plot Details for X-Men: Days of Future Past Revealed? (SPOILERS)

Uncanny X-Men Days of Future Past Comic Cover


We already know that Bryan Singer’s upcoming “X-Men: Days of Future Past” will involve time-travel and dystopian futures and whatnot, thanks to the fact that the movie’s title is based on a popular ’80s “X-Men” comic book storyline written by Chris Claremont that has all those things.

But what are the details?

According to Vulture, they know a lot more about the upcoming film, including some crucial role reveals. The site claims that Fox will be making most of this official during Comic Con, including the fact that “Game of Thrones” star Peter Dinklage is, as has been speculated since Day 1, playing the Sentinel creator Bolivar Trask. They also reveal that the recently cast Josh Helman will be playing a younger version of the mutant-hating Stryker, originally played by Brian Cox in Singer’s “X2: X-Men United”.

X-Men Days of Future Past Comic Book CoverThen they drop this very delicious bit of plot:

Singer may also tease details of the film’s plot, which is based on a 1981 comic-book story line authored by Chris Claremont. That version presented a dystopian future ruled by Sentinels, a setting so grim for our heroes that fan-favorite mutant Kitty Pryde sends her consciousness back in time to warn the X-Men, who then try to stop the assassination of a senator that would set in motion the mutant-threatening events to come. In Singer’s take, Ellen Page returns as Kitty from the Brett Ratner–directed X-Men: The Last Stand, but this time she uses her powers to send Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine back into the past, where he encounters the younger mutants played by James McAvoy, Jennifer Lawrence, and Michael Fassbender. However, something bad happens to Kitty during the time-travel trance, and while Wolverine is still under her spell, the other X-Men must race to find a mutant who can siphon Kitty’s powers and bring their friend back to the future. Could that be the plot development that brings Anna Paquin’s power-copying Rogue into the fold once again?

That would certainly give Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine a lot more to do, and would be quite a surprise especially since most (including me) thought he was going to be doing just a brief (or a glorified) cameo like he did in “X-Men: First Class”. If true, he will apparently have a pretty sizable role in the upcoming sequel.

We’ll find out for certain when “X-Men: Days of Future Past” opens next year, May 23rd, 2014.

Or, for those at Comic Con this week, maybe we’ll find out before that. Though I doubt whoever shows up for the panel will be revealing the bit about Wolverine. Right? Then again, if Jackman shows up to do double duty for this and “The Wolverine”…

Nicholas Hoult and Hugh Jackman in X-Men Days of Future Past (2014) Movie Image