Plot Details From Red Dawn Reboot

Wolverine!!! Come on, who didn’t leave the theaters screaming the famous line from John Milius’s 1984 movie “Red Dawn”? Okay, not all of us. I was too young to have seen the movie in theaters and saw the film only later on DVD. Er, I mean, VHS. You remember them, right? Those box-looking rectangle thingies with, you know, film and junk? Anyways, they’re rebooting “Red Dawn” for a new generation. So what can we expect?

Latino Review has gotten their hands on the script by Carl Ellsworth (“Red Eye”). You can watch the full script review for yourself, and I would encourage it. Those guys put up some nice production values in their videos, and it definitely needs to be seen. But for the lazy among you, here are the important highlights:

– Former second unit director Dan Bradley (“The Bourne Ultimatum”, “Quantum of Solace”) is expected to make his directorial debut with the movie. He’s apparently going to be using the same handheld style on the reboot.

– The bad guys/invaders will now be the Red Chinese, who knocks off America in the first 20 pages, and gets help from those stinkin’ Russians later in the movie. The cause of the invasion? Oil, of course. There are hints that America is kinda to blame, too. In today’s PC environment, that’s not too much of a surprise.

– Our heroes: Jed is now a former Marine back from Iraq and Matt his high school star quarterback brother; Erica is now an Asian-American cheerleader; and Danny is the African-American star running back. Basically, all the original characters will return (including keeping the same names) but as different archetypes.

– The reboot will be very action-oriented. The original was rated PG-13, but it sounds like the reboot might go the R-rated route.