Political Thriller State of Play Packs in the A-Listers

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Kevin Macdonald must have done something very right in a former life, because he’s already found a terrific cast of male A-listers for his movie “State of Play” in Brad Pitt, Edward Norton, and Jason Bateman, but now he’ll be able to add Rachel McAdams, Helen Mirren and Robin Wright Penn to round out the girls. Based on a British mini-series of the same name, the movie will follow a congressman (Norton) and his former campaign manager-turned journalist (Pitt) who find themselves on opposite sides after the politician’s research assistant and mistress turns up dead. McAdams will play the youngest reporter at Washington Globe, who gets caught up in a murder conspiracy. Mirren is the newspaper’s tough editor, and Wright Penn is the congressman’s ex-wife.

If just for the sheer acting muscle, I don’t think you can get any better than this. I have absolutely no interest in the film’s story at all, but even I will take a shot at this movie just to see all these great actors do their thing onscreen. Man, I’m telling you, Kevin Macdonald must have done some REALLY good things in a former life to nab this kind of casting…

Political Thriller State of Play Packs in the A-Listers

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