Poltergeist Remake Scares Up Rosemarie DeWitt and Possibly Sam Rockwell, Too

Sam Rockwell in Moon (2009) Movie ImageThe trades are reporting that “Moon’s” Sam Rockwell is in “early talks” to star in Fox 2000’s remake of “Poltergeist”. If the deal goes through, Rockwell would join “Promised Land’s” Rosemarie DeWitt, who was previously cast as the film’s female lead.

Gil Kenan (“Monster House”) will direct the film from a script by David Lindsay-Abaire, who scripted “Oz: The Great and Powerfulful” for director Sam Raimi, who will be producing the remake along with buddy Rob Tapert via their Ghost House Pictures shingle.

As with the 1982 original starring Craig T. Nelson and JoBeth Williams, the new “Poltergeist” will follow a family “whose lives are uprooted when youngest daughter Madison is abducted by supernatural forces that trap her in the netherworld between life and death”.

All I remember from the original was that the little girl got pulled into the TV. Fun times, fun times…

Getting Rockwell would be quite the coup. He’s one of those guys who has been in a ton of movies with a ton of big-name actors, but still always manages to stand out, even if you can never quite place his face. I don’t recall that he’s ever actually committed to a big-budget genre film where he’s the lead before. I get the feeling it’s purely by choice; Rockwell always struck me as the type of guy who acts because he likes acting, not for all the movie star stuff, but hey, I could be wrong.

Rosemarie DeWitt in A Little Bit of Heaven (2010) Movie Image

Via : The Wrap