Possible Pirates of the Caribbean 4 Plot

Pirates of the Caribbean The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003) Movie PosterI know you kids love your “Pirates of the Caribbean 4” news, so here’s the latest about a potential plotline for the sure-to-be-made (seriously, after the moolah the second and third installment made, are you really surprise Bruckheimer is going to usher this thing forth come hell or high water?), involving Jack Sparrow and Barbarossa in what could, possibly, be a “buddy movie” on the high seas.


Now given that Bruckheimer & Disney do eventually hope to put a “Pirates 4” into production (A film that — I hear — would toss the Elizabeth & Will characters over the side in favor of doing a bawdy buddy picture which would star Jack Sparrow & Barbossa. Where both captains of the Black Pearl would initially be competing for the exact same prize. But eventually all the double crossing would have to stop as these two rivals were then forced to join forces in order to defeat some supernatural terror), I’d say that it’s highly doubtful that Jerry & Mickey would cannibalize the setting of the next “Pirates of the Caribbean” picture just so Benjamin Gates could then go off in search of the Fountain of Youth in “National Treasure 3.”

When he refers to “National Treasures 3”, he’s referring to the fact that some are speculating that the third installment in the Nic Cage franchise would be a search for the mythical Fountain of Youth (as opposed to Atlantis, reported here).

So, a “Pirates 4” without Elizabeth and Will? Could that work…?

Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003) Movie Image