Poster For Eli

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In the future, apparently, everybody wears leather or robes or heavy jackets. It’s not necessarily a fashion statement; it’s just that all others clothes were incinerated during the apocalypse. I blame Mad Max for this trend, I think, unless it began before then. The poster for The Book of Eli, which debuted on MySpace, shows Denzel Washington in all of his rugged glory with implacable, badass shades and a heavy coat, so you know that he’s serious. However, the poster is somewhat plain since it only features Washington’s face. The post-apocalypse may be bleak indeed if that face is the only thing worth showing. But it hopefully will be a solid film since it’s the first movie that Allen and Albert Hughes have directed since From Hell in 2001. As the poster says, you will bELIeve on January 15th, 2010.


Author: Jacob

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