Poster For Eli

In the future, apparently, everybody wears leather or robes or heavy jackets. It’s not necessarily a fashion statement; it’s just that all others clothes were incinerated during the apocalypse. I blame Mad Max for this trend, I think, unless it began before then. The poster for The Book of Eli, which debuted on MySpace, shows Denzel Washington in all of his rugged glory with implacable, badass shades and a heavy coat, so you know that he’s serious. However, the poster is somewhat plain since it only features Washington’s face. The post-apocalypse may be bleak indeed if that face is the only thing worth showing. But it hopefully will be a solid film since it’s the first movie that Allen and Albert Hughes have directed since From Hell in 2001. As the poster says, you will bELIeve on January 15th, 2010.