Poster for Mark Wu’s Hong Kong Undercover Cop Puts the Emphasis on Man Thongs

Miss Congeniality

Who knew that the Sandra Bullock action/comedy “Miss Congeniality” would be such a trendsetter? Director Mark Wu’s upcoming flick “Hong Kong Undercover Cop” finds a police officer disguising himself as a beauty contestant in the Mr. Hong Kong Contest in order to catch a criminal. Sound familiar? Judging from the first poster, moviegoers should expect plenty of thongs. Man thongs. With guns and handcuffs stuffed in them.

This synopsis should help make things a bit more coherent:

Ex-undercover officer Ronald, anxious to get back in uniform, takes a special operation, which is to participate in Mr. Hong Kong Contest while protecting flaunty Mark, another contestant. Mark is the only witness of a major murder, but he disappears soon after the incident. The police draws on his participation of Mr. Hong Kong Contest, not only uses shortlisted qualification to lure of his emergence, but also to bait the killer to eradicate the witness. For these reasons, Ronald is delegated to provide 24-hour close protection for Mark. Ronald and Mark cannot be more different; they are just incompatible like cat and mouse, which complicate matters for the operation.

“Hong Kong Undercover Cop” stars Ronald Cheng, Mark Wu, Ava Liu, Chuanjun Wang, Peter So, Jianping Yang, Angelina Zhang, Chi Zhang, Tony Ho, and Wing Kuen Luk. Check out the crotch-oriented poster below. Hopefully we’ll get a trailer soon.

Hong Kong Undercover Cop (2013) Movie Poster

Via : Film Smash