Poster for The Crazies Remake

To be honest with you, I kind of wish George Romero had decided to direct this remake of his 1973 movie “The Crazies”. At least this way we could keep him from doing another movie about zombies. Obviously I have nothing against zombie movies (I love me some zombie movies), but the way ol Georgie is going right now, it feels like I’m watching the same movie over and over again. But in any case, “The Crazies” is coming, and a teaser poster has popped up online.

The plot for the remake, to be directed by Breck Eisner (“Sahara”) remains the same as the original, with the military attempting to contain a killer man-made virus that causes death and permanent insanity in those infected. The action takes place in a small town, where “Hitman’s” Timothy Olyphant is the Sheriff and Radha Mitchell (“Man on Fire”) is his wife. And according to, some guy name Joe Reegan will be playing a character name Billy Babcock. I’m guessing that’s an important character, since he’s the only one with a name at the moment.

Things get crazy September 25, 2009. Poster via Bloody-Disgusting.