Poster, Images, and Teaser Trailer for Johnnie To’s Vengeance

I’m as big a fan of Hong Kong crime maestro Johnnie To as you’ll find (I’ve seen pretty much everything the guy has done, and loved pretty much every single one of them), but for some reason I had no idea he was doing a movie called “Vengeance”, probably his most international film to date. It stars a French actor but is set mostly in Hong Kong, and involves — the FBI? Official stills, poster, and teaser trailer after the jump. has this as being the plot of “Vengeance”:

Frank Yuma, a long time enforcer and hit man for an organized crime syndicate is suspected of being an informer for the FBI. The syndicate orders a hit on Frank and hires his own crew to do the job. But unfortunately for them, Frank Yuma survives.

The FBI? But in an article from last year, Variety has the plot as being this:

Pic, about a French assassin-turned-chef who comes to Hong Kong to avenge a murder, is set up as an ARP production in partnership with Hong Kong shingle Media Asia and produced by Milkyway Image.

Sounds like two completely different movies. The teaser trailer, alas, doesn’t exactly clear things up much.

French actor Johnny Hallyday will star, while the rest of the cast is rounded out by Milky Way mainstays Simon Yam, Suet Lam, and Anthony Wong.

Teaser trailer and official stills via :