Posters, Images, and a Trailer for the Japanese Flick Time Slip Yankee

Time Slip Yankee (2012) Movie Image

What’s this one about, you ask? I honestly have no clue. However, the film contains two elements which will ensure a screening in my humble abode: large groups of Japanese high school kids beating the crap out of one another and time travel. I’m assuming, of course, that the latter plays a role in the film, especially since it’s a part of the title. Truth is, you never can tell, especially when you’re dealing with Japanese cinema. The sooner I can find an English synopsis for this title, the better. Right now, the only thing I can tell you about the plot is that a large part of the story takes place in a field in the middle of nowhere. But, as I mentioned earlier, I really have no way of knowing. However, as soon as a proper synopsis or an English-subtitled trailer makes its presence known, I’ll immediately bring it to your attention. The trailer, meanwhile, lies below.

Via : Film Smash