Potential Bond Girls: Freida or Aniston?

Trying to guess who the Brits will turn into the next big movie star by making them a Bond girl is a fun game we all like to play, for no other reason than it’s Wednesday, and Wednesdays usually suck for movie news. So, without further ado, here are the top two candidates currently being rumored up for the coveted Bond girl position. And we do mean position. This is Bond we’re talking about after all. Ahem.

A few days ago the first name to surface as a potential ass for Bond to tap was Freido Pinto of “Slumdog Millionaire” fame. People.com wrote this:

The Mumbai-born beauty and star of Slumdog Millionaire has reportedly been approached by Barbara Broccoli, producer of the James Bond films, to do a screen test opposite Daniel Craig.

According to the UK’s Sun newspaper, the Bond team have had their eye on the 24-year-old actress for some time. “Freida came to the attention of the Bond team when they were casting Quantum of Solace,” a source told the newspaper, but “she was too young at the time to have a part as a love interest for a secret agent.”

Obviously take this one with a heavy grain of salt. It is the UK Sun we’re talking about. These guys put the “m” in made up bullshit.

Still, Freida Pinto as a Bond girl? I can very much dig that. Bond definitely needs a little spice in his life. Too many snobby British girls and sexy but airheaded American girls, not to mention scheming and usually trying to kill him European girls do not make a super spy’s day bright and sunny. So an Indian beauty with a great smile and nice-girl personality? Bond could do worst.

The other name to surface is Jennifer Aniston. Yes, that Jennifer Aniston, from Friends fame. This one is actually a little more credible, as it comes from Aniston herself, who tells Elle Magazine the following (via):

I get offered funny, quirky, pretty roles. I’d love to do an action movie. James Bond. Glamour. Daniel Craig. S**t-loads of fun.

Okay, so it’s basically an off-the-cuff “this is an example of what I would do” type of comment, so nothing concrete there, definitely no offers from the Bond producers. Still, Aniston is a pretty big name, so why would the Bond people just gloss over it? For God’s sake, they hired Denise Richards as a “smart” Bond girl. They could do worst than Aniston.

Regardless of who lands as the next Bond lay, they better hope they get the “smart” characters. Cause we all know what happens to the dumb sexbomb ones…