Potential Plot Details for X-Men: First Class 2 (POTENTIAL SPOILERS)

The Uncanny X-Men Issue 141 Cover ArtThis is a bit reaching, and I’m hesitant to slap it with a SPOILER tag. But just to be absolutely, 100% sure — you know, POTENTIAL SPOILERS and all that.

Anyways, according to the blokes at Harry Knowles’ AICN (h/t Juggernaut), Fox may have just given us a hint as to the general plot of Matthew Vaughn’s upcoming “X-Men: First Class” sequel. How so, you ask? According to the site, 20th Century Fox, the studio behind the “X-Men” movies, has just registered the title “Days of Future Past”, a title from an old story arc from “The Uncanny X-Men” comic book.

So what does that mean, exactly? Glad you asked:

DAYS OF FUTURE PAST was a two-issue story arc of the X-Men comics, published by Marvel in 1981, that dealt with alternative timelines. In an alternative future, mutants were incarcerated in internment camps. However, the Kitty Pryde of that time transfers her mind to the Kitty Pryde of now in order to prevent that from ever happening. The assassination of Senator Robert Kelly by the Brotherhood is what sets off this chain of events, and now with the X-Men made aware of the future, they must try to stop it from happening and… well, it’s almost like BACK TO THE FUTURE PART II, but with mutants.

So there you go. Alternate timelines. Mutants from the future and such.

In the “X-Men” movie universe, Kitty Pryde was a minor character in the first two “X-Men” movies by Bryan Singer, but she got a major upgrade when Ellen Page played her in Brett Ratner’s “X-Men: Last Stand”.

Maybe they can cage Page back … That is, if this turns out to be true. We’ll know for sure when the sequel lands July 18, 2014. Well, we’ll know for sure way before that, I mean. Until then, let the speculation begin!

Ellen Page in X-Men Last Stand (2006) Movie Image