Power Pack: The Movie?

Say what you will, but the idea of a “Power Pack” movie actually isn’t a bad idea. Think about it: kids with powers. That’s basically it. Now how could a movie like that NOT make millions at the box office? Hollywood has attempted something like it (“Sky High”, “Zoom”, to name a few), but the Power Pack brats have an actual history, and they really are kids, at least in the comics.

The whole idea of a “Power Pack” movie comes from an interview with Collider, where comic book God Stan Lee mentions that Marvel is looking at developing one. Says Lee:

They’ve been talking about…now they’re not working on it but they have been discussing whether to do it—Power Pack.

Well, that’s basically it about the movie. You can read the rest of the interview, where Lee talks about all the Marvel comics that are currently being brought to the big screen, including “Submariner”, “Captain America”, “The Avengers”, “Nick Fury”, and “Shields”. I don’t know what “Shields” is, but I’m assuming he’s talking about “S.H.I.E.L.D.”

I’m telling you, and although I won’t be seeing it myself, making a “Power Pack” movie makes perfect sense, and Marvel would be fools not to do it.

Power Pack: The Movie?