Powers TV Show Adds T-Mobile Girl as Retro Girl

Model/actress Carly Foulkes (below), who can currently be seen pitching T-mobile’s latest and greatest on TV (hell, she’s certainly better on the eyes than geeky Justin Long or that fat/short guy he’s always making fun of in terms of pitch, er, persons), will be taking her telecommunications powers over to the FX Channel’s new superhero show “Powers”. That’s according to “Powers” creator Brian Michael Bendis (via SuperheroHype) during a visit to something called the “Sirius Radio Show Geektime”:

A couple of weeks ago, we cast a woman named Carly Foulkes to be Retro Girl. You’re sitting there going, ‘Who’s that?’ That is the super, super cute T-Mobile girl.

That “super cute T-mobile girl” will be playing Retro Girl, who according to Wikipedia, will have a major role in the show’s first story arc if it should decide to follow in the footsteps of Bendis’ comics:

The first arc details the death of Retro Girl (first name Janis, last name unrevealed), a popular and powerful super-heroine. Retro Girl is in fact a legacy of women – with or without powers – who are continuously reincarnated. Walker has met several incarnations in his lifetime, but he has only vague recollections of them. The latest incarnation is Calista, a young girl he saved.

“Powers” will star Jason Patric and Lucy Punch as Homicide cops tasked with investigating cases involving superpowered individuals. The show is set in a world where superheroes and villains exists, but the two leads are powerless.

Shooting on the show is set for this Summer in Chicago, with Michael Dinner set to direct the pilot.

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