Predictably Awful Looking Trailer for Smurfs 2

Hank Azaria in The Smurfs 2 (2013) Movie Image

The first “Smurfs” movie was Godawful, and I’m sure the sequel will be even more Godawful…ier. I mean, the plot involves Smurfette turning bad. They couldn’t even find a way to make that nonsense plot even remotely interesting in this trailer. In fact, I’m pretty sure the synopsis below makes the film’s actual plot sound way more complicated than it really is. Because, you know, it’s not. Anyways. “The Smurfs 2” trailer.

I am so glad I never watch this cartoon when I was a kid, because honestly, I couldn’t watch this crap if I had. Seriously, if I wasn’t a movie blogger, I wouldn’t even post this crap. But I feel it’s my obligation to do so. So, yeah, it’s all your fault I have to subject myself to this.

In this sequel to the hybrid live action/animated family blockbuster comedy The Smurfs, the evil wizard Gargamel creates a couple of mischievous Smurf-like creatures called the Naughties that he hopes will let him harness the all-powerful, magical Smurf-essence. But when he discovers that only a real Smurf can give him what he wants, and only a secret spell that Smurfette knows can turn the Naughties into real Smurfs, Gargamel kidnaps Smurfette and brings her to Paris, where he has been winning the adoration of millions as the world¹s greatest sorcerer. It’s up to Papa, Clumsy, Grouchy, and Vanity to return to our world, reunite with their human friends Patrick and Grace Winslow, and rescue her! Will Smurfette, who has always felt different from the other Smurfs, find a new connection with the Naughties Vexy and Hackus — or will the Smurfs convince her that their love for her is True Blue?

Yes, that’s the plot. Yow. Then again, it’s not like they feel a need to make a decent movie, not when the first “Smurfs” made over $500 million worldwide.

Returning castmembers includes Neil Patrick Harris, Jayma Mays, Sofia Vegara, Hank Azaria as Gargamel and Katy Perry as Smurfette. Brendan Gleeson joins the cast as Victor Winslow.