Prepare! Geisha Assassin Has Her Sights Set on Region 2

Earlier this year, I bought a copy of Gô Ohara’s directorial debut “Geisha Assassin” (aka “Geisha vs. Ninja”) for next to nothing at a local convenience store, and it remains one of my all-time favorite blind buys. The film is undeniably hokey, but Ohara’s knack for fluid swordplay and incredible martial arts makes for one hell of an entertaining watch. What else did you expect from the action director of “Death Trance”, anyway? Fortunately for those with Region 2-encoded DVD players, this incredibly enjoyable flick is headed to your neck of the woods on April 5th. And while the disc appears to be a strictly bare bones affair, the movie alone is worth the suggested retail price. In other words, it comes highly recommended from someone who absolutely adores this sort of goofy stuff.

Here’s a plot synopsis to help stoke the fires of interest:

‘Geisha Assassin’ (AKA ‘Geisha Vs Ninja’) centres around Kotono (newcomer Minami Tsukui), a beautiful geisha who inherits a secretly-guarded sword and uses it to pursue Hyoe, the man who killed her father. Throughout her quest to face-off against Hyoe, Kotono battles Japan s most notorious female ninjas and assassins only to learn a hidden secret.

If that’s not enough to pique your interest, the DVD artwork for the R2 release, as well as a nifty little trailer, are hanging out below this passage. Take a peek.