Prepare Yourselves: A Serbian Film is Coming to North America

To be perfectly honest, I never thought that Srdjan Spasojevic’s controversial horror flick “A Serbian Film” would see a darkened theater here in the United States. The picture’s warped storyline and graphic violence are so shocking and over-the-top that I didn’t think anyone would be willing to take the heat that would surely accompany a theatrical release. Of course, controversy often equals profit, so I’m not overly surprised that someone is going to attempt to cash in on the movie’s notoriety.

Beginning on May 13th, 2011, “A Serbian Film” will hit select North American theaters in an edited form. However, if you think you can stomach the full uncut version of this deeply disturbing endeavor, you can check out a digital edition of the director’s cut of the film on FlixFling. The decision to release the edited version of the film comes on the heels of Sitges festival director Angel Sala being charged with the exhibition of child pornography last year. I can only imagine the uproar “A Serbian Film” is going to make here in North America. I’ll be extremely shocked if nobody gets offended.

Below you can find a pair of US posters for the film, which arrive courtesy of the fine horror-headed folks over at Fangoria.