Prequel to John Carpenter’s The Thing Begins Production This March

If it’s not a remake, it’s a sequel. And if it’s not a sequel, it’s a bloody prequel. The outstanding individuals twittering diligently at Production Weekly are reporting this morning that the prequel to John Carpenter’s sci-fi/horror masterpiece “The Thing” will begin production sometime this March. The project, directed by Netherlands producer Matthijs van Heijningen, will follow the exploits of the Norwegian team who unearthed the nefarious alien life form from the depths of Antarctica. I’m sure there are people out there who are excited about this picture, but I’m certainly not one of them. The mystery surrounding the fate of the Norwegian scientists is one of the creepier elements of Carpenter’s film, and I’d hate for someone to screw that up. Sometimes not knowing anything is much scarier than seeing the whole sordid affair unfold right before your very eyes. I guess you could say I’m old-school like that. If you wanted to, anyway.

Principal photography will run from March until June. A tentative release date has not been set.