Pretty Little Things in New I Spit on Your Grave Clip

A new clip called “Pretty Little Thing” from Steven Monroe’s unrated remake of Meir Zarchi‘s controversial 1978 cult horror film “Day of the Woman”, aka “I spit On Your Grave”. I guess it’s too late to tell her to run, huh?

A beautiful woman from the city, Jennifer Hills, rents an isolated cabin in the country to write her latest novel. Soon, a group of local lowlifes subject Jennifer to a nightmare of degradation, rape and violence. Left for dead, she returns for vengeance. Trapping her male attackers one-by-one, she inflicts acts of physical torment upon them with a ferocity that surpasses her own ordeal. When the carnage clears, victim has become victor.

Starring Sarah Butler, Jeff Branson, Daniel Franzese, Rodney Eastman, Chad Lindberg, Tracey Walter, Andrew Howard, and directed by Steven R. Monroe.

Spitting in selected theaters October 8, 2010.

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