Pretty Teenagers Battle Hillbilly Scarecrows in Brett Simmons’ Husk

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Generally speaking, the After Dark series of horror efforts hasn’t impressed me much over the years, though I find myself indulging in their wonky offerings time and time again. The latest batch of fright flicks bearing the familiar logo is looming on the horizon, and Bloody Disgusting was fortunate enough to get their nasty little hands on a trailer for Brett Simmons’ “Husk”. Naturally, the story is nothing to write to your impossibly elderly grandmother about — teenagers battle blood-thirsty scarecrows on a seemingly abandoned farm in the middle of absolutely nowhere — but I’m always down for a little scarecrow-related carnage. Whether or not Simmons and company can top the unintentional goofiness found in David Michael Latt’s “Scarecrow Slayer” remains to be seen. After all, that is a tough mission to accomplish by anyone’s standards.

“Husk” stars Wes Chatham, C.J. Thomason, and Devon Graye. Expect the film to receive a limited theatrical run before landing squarely on DVD later this year.

Author: Todd Rigney

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