Priest Arrives Earlier, Resident Evil Afterlife Later

According to the boys at STYD, Screen Gems have shuffled their schedule a tad, and have now set Scott Stewart’s “Priest”, his follow-up to “Legion” to arrive in theaters two months earlier than expected in August 2010, “Resident Evil: Afterlife’s” originally planned date. The Milla Jovovich horror sequel will now move to January 14, 2011. Why the shuffling? Blame it on the 3D. The studio apparently realizes that Paul W.S. Anderson, who returns to helm the fourth installment after producing the previous two (he directed the first), needs more time to finish the 3D work on “Afterlife”.

STYD also reports that “Afterlife’s” delay will put it in direct competition with Joss Whedon’s own little horror movie, “Cabin in the Woods” in early 2011. They speculate that this could mean a move for MGM’s “Woods”, being that “Afterlife” is a juggernaut of a franchise, and let’s face it, Whedon’s name may be beloved by geeks, but he’s not going to win this battle of the horror movies if both films compete for the same audience.

Update: Twitter maniac Milla Jovovich tweets that it’s not a certainly the movie will be pushed to 2011.

RE Afterlife IS NOT officially pushed.There have been talks of pushing it as they r not sure they can have it ready by july.

We r trying as hard as we can to still meet the summer deadline though, so for the moment its still on for Aug.

But as she said, they’re “trying as hard” as they can to meet the deadline, so while the move isn’t a done deal, it’s probably likely. Or probable, I guess, would be more apt.