Prince of Persia DVD and Blu-Ray Cover Art and Specs


Call me nuts, but I thought Disney’s “Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time” was a pretty good time at the movie theater. I’m not sure how all the epic adventure and grand desert vistas will translate to the small screen, but if nothing else, at least it’ll give you more opportunities to admire Gemma Arterton’s midriff. Yow. Check out the DVD and Blu-Ray cover art and specs for Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment’s release of “Prince of Persia” (September 14, 2010), below.

In the spirit of the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy, Walt Disney Pictures and Jerry Bruckheimer Films transport you to the mystical lands of Persia for this wildly entertaining, epic action-adventure. It’s a race against time when a rogue prince (Jake Gyllenhaal) reluctantly teams up with a rival princess (Gemma Arterton) to safeguard a magical dagger that gives its possessor the power to reverse time and rule the world. Filled with death-defying escapes and unexpected twists at every turn – Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time is a fun-filled adventure that will keep your pulse pounding long after the credits end.

DVD Bonus Feature:

· An Unseen World: Making Prince of Persia – A look behind the scenes on the set of the film.

1-Disc Blu-ray Bonus Feature:

All of above DVD bonus plus

· Deleted Scene – The Banquet: Garsiv Presents Heads

3-Disc Combo Pack Bonus Features:

All of the above DVD and Blu-ray bonus features plus:

· CineExplore: The Sands of Time – Take control of the dagger and use it to unlock secrets behind your favorite scenes! Turn back time and uncover over 40 spellbinding segments – including “Walking Up Walls,” “Filming in Morocco”, and “Ostrich Jockey Tryouts” – with this exclusive interactive feature. Blu-ray puts you in control!

Author: Nix

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  • baddog

    I share your thoughts on this movie. I was thorougly impressed with the special effects, the action sequences and the humor were real good and timely, not over the top. Jake made the action sequences believeable due to his physique. It was a good time, I still don't understand why it didn't do real well in the U.S.

  • Dedpool aka Jiinx

    I too enjoyed the film. It wasn't the game but it hit all the right notes, and was very entertaining. A sequel would work, especially if they spun it a bit darker, with sand zombies or whatever and a bigger threat, like the Dahaka from game two, but all in all it was a good flick for what it was trying to do.