Prison Break Season 4 May Get Two Extra Episodes

The first season of Prison Break was so good, so taut, and so bloody nerve fraying, that I swear I spent every hour expecting Michael Scofield’s plan to bust brother Linc the Sink out of jail to go all to hell any second, and when it never did, when the teaser for the next episode finally played, I allowed myself to let out a sigh of relief. It was that good. The second season? Eh, it was okay. And the third season, set in the Panama jail? I missed most of it. Then came the fourth season, and, well, I saw the first hour, and haven’t seen any of it since, promo commercials notwithstanding. Point is, Prison Break has run its course, and I think everyone knows it, including FOX, which is considering giving the creators of the show an additional two hours to work with, perhaps to do an “event” Prison Break special to wrap up the series. Yes, that’s right; it seems highly unlikely that there will be a fifth season of Prison Break.

THR has your Prison Break news:

The actors on the Fox drama have been notified by 20th TV that the filming schedule might be extended to accommodate production of two additional episodes.

“Prison” writers are yet to pitch ideas about the extra hours, but speculation is that they might serve as a conclusion to the four-year series.

If the two episodes are made, their fate is unclear as the network has not committed yet to air them, though conversations with the studio are under way.

Fox might run the bonus material as two additional episodes in the spring, though that is considered unlikely because “Prison” has struggled in the ratings this fall and the remaining six episodes of its original 22-show order weren’t on the network’s recently released midseason schedule.

A more plausible scenario has Fox airing the two episodes as a two-hour “event” next season, not unlike the “24” prequel this fall. Or the episodes might end up on the “Prison Break” DVD.

I would go with the 2-hour “event” movie at the end of the fourth season to wrap up all the loose ends and send the characters (those that survives, anyway) into the sunset. After all, how many times can you keep putting the gang back together before it gets to be a little, well, ridiculous? Okay, so it got ridiculous when they all ended up in Sona prison last year, but you know what I mean. And really, how many shows get a 2-hour send-off? I can think of a lot of shows that FOX has axed and never bothered with a proper series finale. That’s, you know, sorta their thing over there.

Below: In-between breaking people out of prison, Michael Scofield likes to daydream about daisies.