Prison Break’s Wentworth Miller as Spartacus? He’s Interested. Are You?


As we’ve been reporting here, the Starz channel is currently looking for a few good actors to take over the role of “Spartacus”, now that Andy Whitfield has officially left the show due to his cancer treatments.

According to Michael Ausiello over at TV Guide, the man who would be Spartacus is … Wentworth Miller?

Well, “would be” is a bit rushed. Miller, who last fronted the Fox TV series “Prison Break”, is said to have “expressed interest” in taking over the role from Whitfield for the show’s second season.

Since “Prison Break” went off the air, Miller has kept busy with movie work (he was recently in “Resident Evil: Afterlife”), and has been, surprisingly, penning a couple of scripts that are currently slushing their way through Hollywood’s development hell.

Obviously the fact that Wentworth miller has “expressed interest” doesn’t mean Starz is going to come running … but what if they were? Do you think Wentworth Miller could possibly step into Andy Whitfield’s sandals as the now-freed slave?

Miller has never been known as a “buff” actor, but Hollywood has ways of changing that — they’re called “expensive Hollywood personal trainers”. Or put him into one of those Gladiator camps that Whitfield and company went through to prep for the show, and he’ll be ready in a few months.

Author: Nix

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  • Brent

    I’m sure Miller could buff up for the part, that’s not the issue I’d have with this. But I don’t know if I could take him seriously because he looks like a little boy in the face.

    • Dedpool aka Jiinx

      Agreed!!! Not a good choice. Plus the casting call called for someone with an authentic British or New Zealand accent. That ain’t miller. I’ve heard some people say Sam Worthing ton, and he could work, but he isn’t down for TV I don’t think…and he hasn’t shown the range that Whitfield did in the role. I still haven’t thought of anyone I could see in the part.

      • Brent

        Worthington has the look to pull the part off, but you’re right, I can’t imagine him doing a series on Starz, especially since he’s so in demand right now. I can’t think of anyone who seems right. Guy Pearce looks like he could be Whitfield’s cousin. They could plug him in and pretend nothing changed.

  • TC

    For being in shape to be a Gladiator. Enough, time, money and training can make it happen.

    He just doesn’t look grizzled enough.

    Sam Worthington is a terrible choice. I can’t take him seriously as a actor with the few Hollywood movies he’s made. Clash of the Titans felt like Jake Sully in Ancient Greece. He seems to be the flavor of the year in Hollywood so they are putting him in everything. Also, he seems to sign on for any high profile projects. And as mentioned it is doubtful that there is enough money in the budget to get him.


    Agreed I liked Miller in Prison Break but as Spartacus…..? Maybe NOT. They need to find an unknown to do it or get someone like Clive Owen or Thomas Jane who really bulked up for Punisher?


    Millers costart on PB Dominic Purcell would fare better than Miller.

  • I miss this show!!!!

    im sure there is a unknown ruggedly handsome buff guy out there…why bother with trying to fit a well known actor in….u just end up seeing his past work…Im all for new actors, and theres alot out there!

  • Sela Moonshine

    Yessss why not!!! I do want to see Wentworth again, doesn’t matter if in in spartacus or whatever, he will do fine. At the begining I wasn’t sure about Andy Whitfield, he didnt look too me like the stronger gladiator, however he was!! I wish plenty of luck and health for both!!!

  • Shafe Yusufzai

    would love to see him in action in a totally different scenario