Prison Break’s Wentworth Miller as Spartacus? He’s Interested. Are You?

As we’ve been reporting here, the Starz channel is currently looking for a few good actors to take over the role of “Spartacus”, now that Andy Whitfield has officially left the show due to his cancer treatments.

According to Michael Ausiello over at TV Guide, the man who would be Spartacus is … Wentworth Miller?

Well, “would be” is a bit rushed. Miller, who last fronted the Fox TV series “Prison Break”, is said to have “expressed interest” in taking over the role from Whitfield for the show’s second season.

Since “Prison Break” went off the air, Miller has kept busy with movie work (he was recently in “Resident Evil: Afterlife”), and has been, surprisingly, penning a couple of scripts that are currently slushing their way through Hollywood’s development hell.

Obviously the fact that Wentworth miller has “expressed interest” doesn’t mean Starz is going to come running … but what if they were? Do you think Wentworth Miller could possibly step into Andy Whitfield’s sandals as the now-freed slave?

Miller has never been known as a “buff” actor, but Hollywood has ways of changing that — they’re called “expensive Hollywood personal trainers”. Or put him into one of those Gladiator camps that Whitfield and company went through to prep for the show, and he’ll be ready in a few months.