Probobably Not True, But Still Cool: Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye?

According to Harry Knowles over at AICN, someone may or may not have told him that “The Hurt Locker’s” Jeremy Renner has landed the role of Hawkeye in the upcoming Marvel movie “The Avengers”. Knowles himself doesn’t seem entirely sure if he actually heard the news correctly, and admits that this is from a new source, though he claims the source to be “solid”. Still, Knowles himself reiterates that there could be the “possibility for misunderstanding” about how he heard the news, which is odd that he would report it anyway, but hey, them’s the new rules of Interwebs reporting.

There’s really no reason why this shouldn’t happen. Renner, post-“The Hurt Locker”, is a wanted man, and he’s already expressed a desire to play Hawkeye in a Marvel movie in the past. Then again, Marvel may indeed want Renner, but his price tag might have gone up and as we all know, Marvel is kinda tight with the purse strings. Okay, they’re downright cheap. Terrence Howard can tell you all about it if you ask him.

So, Renner as Hawkeye? It would be aces if it happened. But definitely the Ultimates Hawkeye that first showed up in “The Ultimates” via Mark Millar, and not the ridiculous character that Jeph Loeb turned him into later on in the series. Dear God, how unreadable was Loeb’s “Ultimates 3” series? I still get nightmares thinking about its awfulness.